Perfecting the art of fajitas and samosas
Perfecting the art of fajitas and samosas

Whether you're looking for a wrap to fill your hunger or a snack to have on a break, we've got you covered. We recommend trying our flavorful signature dish, Fajitas, when you're on the go. On the other hand, if you want something lighter, like a snack or appetizer, a Samosa would be a delicious choice.

Fajitas – a history of scrumptiousness

It's the magic in the hands of the Mexican ranchers who put effort into converting a piece of meat that was given to them into something so appetizing. From being their makeshift meal to being a staple in the Tex-Mex cuisine, the Fajitas have seen some part of the history as it evolved through the hands of various chefs through decades.

At Pen & Inc, our sizzling hot plate of fajitas is made extra juicy and tasty with a wicked marinade that tenderizes your choice of meat with a healthy palette of mixed greens served with tortilla wraps.

If you're looking for something sweet, buttery, juicy, flavorful, moist and delicious, we have three excellent meat options for you. Beef tenderloin, kurobuta pork loin, and chicken. These three, being the most tender and juiciest parts, are the perfect match with our wicked marinade, as it drinks in all the spices and leaves it extremely juicy and flavorful.

Now we can't miss the best dipping sauces for our fajitas. We serve Monetary Jack cheese for those who love mild flavors. We have the classic guacamole made from avocados. For those who love a little spice alongside the flavor of tomatoes, we have salsa. And finally, for a creamy dip that melts in your mouth, we have sour cream, which is perfect with the flavorful fajitas.

Samosas – still the OG snack!

Famous for its savory taste that accompanies the lighthearted conversations over tea and for being a stress buster, it is almost a must-have snack in most parts of South Asia. However, it had a long journey from the Middle East in the olden times. Since then, it found itself going through a journey of rediscovery in terms of shapes, sizes, and even in some ingredients as it crossed borders between countries and regions.

We serve the vegetarian counterpart to samosa. As you dig in, you'll feel the softness through the filling, made of potatoes, peas, and onions. It is a perfect blend of spice and salt as the crust cracks open to reveal an array of flavors rich with Indian spices. We have put special care into making them healthy while keeping them under 300 calories. So if you have been staying away from having a good samosa, worrying about the number of calories, we've got your back!

As we serve our samosas with mint sauce, expect double the trouble. It's the best dip for samosas as it complements the flavors without overwhelming you. Having it as an evening snack along with your tea may be one of the best ways to enjoy samosas.

For an appetizer or a snack during the day, both our samosa and fajitas are enough to perk up your energy and set you off in the right mood for the day. Come visit Pen & Inc and check out our authentic Tex-Mex and Southwestern cuisine.

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