Pen & Inc - For that epicurean à la carte delight
Pen & Inc - For that epicurean à la carte delight

At Pen & Inc is for the faculty and students alike. Each dish is created with unparalleled mastery. The Pen is perfect in ambiance and cuisines for the faculty, while Inc rejoices in delighting the student community with food that will hit the spot before, after, and during the gruelling days of academia!

Whatever the cuisine, we know that it is the food made with the freshest of ingredients that revive the spirit of the foodie in you. What's more, signature dishes such as chicken quesadilla, braised beef cheek, or chicken tikka in your thin-crust pizza make the menu just that little bit more interesting.

How it all begins

Walking into Pen & Inc means that you get to start with the soup. That may sound pretty tame, but the cream of wild mushroom soup has delicious chunks of shimeji, pure white mushrooms, and shitake mushrooms, and the drizzled truffle oil takes it to a whole new level. Having this soup with toasted garlic bread is a connoisseur's delight!

The southwest Caesar salad with soft boiled egg, grilled chicken breast, and absolutely fresh and flavorful romaine lettuce is just perfect for the health nut in you. Crunching into the croutons lifts the freshness of the salad a notch.

Things take an appetizing turn

How about an epic way to build up your appetite? Chicken quesadilla is our signature dish, and the tortillas are filled with grilled Cajun marinated chicken, smoked bell peppers, jalapenos with melted jack cheese. Who can forget the guacamole and sour cream that comes with the dish!

Lest you think that's the only appetizer on the menu, we have baked cheesy nachos with mozzarella cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. The Mexican mid joint wings are just right - crispy and juicy and deep-fried. It's a house special and served with hot BBQ sauce. Flaky samosas, tandoori chicken leg, and chicken tikka join the list of our tasty appetizers.

On to the mains

Yes, it is time to choose your favorite main dish. And, you have quite a lot to choose from. Our signature dish is the slow-cooked beef cheeks braised in red wine sauce. It is served with creamy mashed potatoes and mesclun salad. For meat that melts in your mouth, look no further.

The peri-peri chicken is boneless and marinated in our chef's secret spices (and they shall remain a secret!) and peri-peri sauce. It is perfectly grilled till it is so tender that it can dissolve on your tongue. You have your favorite coleslaw and mashed potatoes to go with your chicken.

The Wagyu burger is also on the menu and an option. This has a 180gm homemade juicy beef patty and is layered with sliced cheese, gherkins, tomato, and lettuce. You get to have fries with it. No. We are not leaving fish out of the mains. You have a lightly oiled and grilled sea bass, which hardly needs the add-ons like sauteed vegetables and a dash of the lemon butter sauce. And the mashed potato goes with everything!

If you feel like having thin-crust pizzas, make sure you go between 2.30 PM and 8.30 PM as that's when we offer our chicken tikka pizza, Margherita, Hawaiian, and beef pepperoni. The thin crust stays true to its name and is fresh dough with a crust that is so light as not to take anything away from the toppings.

Then, you also have our signature fajitas. You get the sizzling hot plate of fajitas made juicier and tastier with a marinade to tender the meat of your choice. The greens are mixed with the meat and wrapped lovingly in a tortilla wrap. Sure enough, it also has Monterey jack cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa.

A lover of pasta will find a home here, with its variety for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian out for a meal. The smoked duck carbonara, linguine with crab meat, prawn and asparagus in the aglio olio style, and the vegetarian Pomodoro are all equally delicious. The pasta is rich and full of flavor, and you may find it difficult to choose among these!

Are you ready for dessert now?

You can have our in-house special dessert is the molten lava torte - a chocolate cake served with summer berries compote and vanilla ice cream, or an apple crumble that will simply crumble in your mouth with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. You also have a Mexican brownie rich and chocolatey. It is fudgy and gooey and served with vanilla ice cream showered with almond flakes.

All these are just our à la carte menu!

Going back to work may be a tad challenging after your taste buds have tingled and your appetite appeased. But you can have a bracing drink of ice lemon tea or a fruit punch, or even a calamansi juice. That ought to set you up for the rest of the day!

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