One FM holds a special contest to promote Cali’s Once-In-A-Lifetime ‘No-Inflation Menu’ Offer
One FM holds a special contest to promote Cali’s Once-In-A-Lifetime ‘No-Inflation Menu’ Offer

Everyone talks about letting go of the past. Even the great bard once said, "What's past is prologue." But celebrating the years gone by is a must because they are the roots of the future. It's why Cali wanted to do something unique to celebrate Singapore's57th National Day and our tenth anniversary. And if you've visited any of Cali's six outlets in Singapore, you'd know that we like to do things differently.

 So, until August 14, 2022 - we are offering a once-in-a-lifetime No-Inflation Menu – a special five-course meal priced at $57 for two people. Enjoy our signature dishes like juicy Philly Beef Steak Wraps, perfectly-cooked El Camino Chicken Thighs, and succulent Pan-Seared Salmons.

 It's such a special experience that word has already got around, as our outlets are bustling with familiar faces and newbies. In fact, recently, even the radio world in Singapore has sat up to take notice. Recently, One FM - a Singapore-based radio station that airs great rock music 24 hours a day – held a contest to promote our No-Inflation Menu.

 All their listeners had to do was spell out our brand's name (CALI, of course), and the first caller to correctly do so would win a $100 gift voucher! As this exclusive menu only costs $57, the rest of the gift voucher can be used to order add-on food or drinks.

 Sounds too easy? Well, in these difficult economic times, many folks are having a tough time. And this offer gives them a luxurious all-day-dining experience at affordable prices.

 Our hearty shout-out to the winning caller!

 While the past decade has seen us take quantum leaps by adopting new technologies and expanding our F&B businesses, we believe that it can be rewarding to look back - for the sake of our customers.

So, do visit any of Cali's outlets in Singapore and celebrate the past.


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