What should you consider while searching for venues in Singapore for birthdays

What should you consider while searching for birthdays party venues in Singapore

Though it seems trivial but planning a nice birthday party requires planning and organization otherwise your very intention of pleasing your dear one can transform into a messy milepost. Along with considering the age and choice of the star guest, there are many more aspects that need to be prioritized as the party is for everyone and all should have fun. You surely would not like to disappoint any guest as a birthday is an annual occasion.

It is always better to plan the party on a distinguished venue that is within the city and accessible by your guests. You would not want your guests to get drained searching the party venue and fatigued to enjoy the preparations. A birthday party is a personal affair and you would always be selective while planning your guest list. When the guest list is bantam it is better to plan it on the best birthday party venue Singapore that can be the best restaurant in Singapore so that the memories can be cherished forever. There are many good restaurants in Singapore that are a blend of delicious food and beguiling ambiance. Lets consider on the attributes that restaurants for birthdays Singapore should have to turn your celebration into an unforgettable memoir:


You’ve probably already considered that. For a local gathering, you might be searching for a location within a fair distance of guests’ homes. In any case, do not forget to consider the probability of travel, transport and parking.


Will the location have a parking lot or a valet parking lot? A parking space is imperative. If this is not the case, are there parking lots nearby which visitors can access and use?


Agree or not food is the first and foremost aspect to be thought about before choosing the best restaurants in Singapore for birthday. The restaurant along with promising a prolix menu need to promise delicious food in Singapore Tasty food is an element that can alone redeem for any other retrenchment. There maybe many private party venues Singapore promising gourmet satiating menus but the best choice would be to choose the birthday party venue Singapore that serves top notch taste and variety surfeiting assorted wishes and requirements. A good a la carte should not only include high calorie cuisines but also healthy menus so that the guests can put up their choices conveniently.


This is yet another aspect that can affect the entire party mood. If it is a kiddo birthday, there should be room to set up the surrounding with the cartoon theme. The ambiance should be pliable to provide the required feel to all age groups. It is most often the ambiance that encourages re-visits.

Hospitality and hygiene

How do you like people awaiting to be attended or sometimes shouting for the same. On the other hand how about a restaurant where you are wished cordially and treated affably. The restaurant crew plays a very important role in building the restaurant’s reputation. They should be aware when to serve and when to stay away and not over disturb. A place where you are welcomed with your birthday song and gives you the feel that each and everything was planned in a personalized way.
Considering the present situation hygiene has become top priority at public places especially eateries as it is directly connected with people’s health. Moreover you never like to dine at a place that seems unkept. Even if the tables are decorated like a dapper there should be no filth anywhere. Also people prefer places that smell good and look squeaky clean. The aroma of various food flavors need to be in control as they maybe pleasing to some but not necessary to all.

You surely would be prepared and ready with all arrangements from your side but a good venue in Singapore for birthday will take the burden of turning the event into a successful one.

Cali restaurants in Singapore will help you plan and organize your birthday with subtlety. If you are looking for best restaurants in Singapore for birthday then do visit Cali restaurants with your friends and family and relish the taste of delicious food and drinks in Singapore. You will surely be delighted with great ambiance, hospitality and the best dining experience ever. Cali is the ideal birthday party venue Singapore, where you can even organize your kid’s birthday. It can accommodate groups of up to 75 guests at Cali Restaurants and up to 100 guest at Pen & Inc for a sit-down, tapa, wine tasting or buffet events.

If you are looking for venues in Singapore for birthdays, private dinner, corporate events, business meetings or wedding reception in Singapore. Cali restaurants is the perfect party venues in Singapore. It is perfect for your small to medium-size private parties or events. Drop in to any of the outlets of Cali restaurants:

1. Cali, Park Avenue Changi (Changi Business Park)
2. Cali, Ascott Raffles Place (Raffles Place)
3. Pen & Inc, NTU (Jurong West)
4. MY Café & Bar (Balestier Road)
5. Cali, Park Avenue Rochester (Rochester)

The best private party venues Singapore will make your event a memorable one.

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