Tips to choose ideal menu and venue for your baby shower in Singapore

Tips to choose ideal menu and venue for your baby shower in Singapore

For a woman’s first infant, baby showers tend to be more common, but new trends now celebrate every child’s birth with a shower.

A baby shower menu is an integral part of the process of preparation. It can be difficult to want to make the occasion’s menu fit the theme, be appetising, and also be memorable. It doesn’t have to be a daunting job to prepare a menu for a baby shower, though. The menu contains appetisers and finger foods much of the time reducing the challenge from a fancy sit-down dinner to something more manageable. In the near future, if you are having a baby shower, then you will love these ideas from the menu.

Best venue for baby shower in Singapore

You should think how many guests are going to attend the party when it comes to choosing a venue. When preparing a menu and setting up plans, having a list of guests that your mom-to-be would like to have at the celebration will benefit you. You may want to host it at best restaurant in Singapore if you want the shower to be more traditional and elegant.

Choose a theme after you choose a venue and start getting ideas for a menu. Themes can vary from the use of animals and flowers to sports or princesses everywhere. Whatever you choose, suggest ways of mixing the food with it.

Choose delicious food in Singapore for baby shower menu

Since most baby showers only last a few hours, appetisers or finger foods are typically the type of food served at these events. Without sitting at a table, it is always better to have food that can quickly be consumed.
The time of day when your shower takes place will also impact the sort of menu you will serve for the baby shower. Brunch-type food can be served in early morning showers that take place before noon. Brunch food consists of different fruit salad mixtures, quiches, breakfast meats, breads, and some sort of egg dish.
From waffles, pancakes, ham, sausage to array of breads, biscuits and muffins can be served for morning showers.

There are typically lighter finger foods for mid-day baby showers, such as miniature sandwiches, quiches or cheese balls.
Again, fruit served in a creative way is another perfect accompaniment to mid-day showers in various shapes. An attractively illustrated apple plate accompanied by a fruit dip encourages partiers to nibble during the festivities. Any baby shower menu benefits from a refreshing citrus salad made from a combination of oranges and grapefruit with a shredded coconut topping.

A baby shower menu with time for tea provides a diverse mix of foods that will definitely satisfy even fussy palates. Serve small sandwiches cut into triangles, rectangles, diamonds, or circles in addition to hot or iced tea. You may opt for cupcakes decorated to emphasize the theme.

Usually, late afternoon or early evening showers need a slightly heavier fare. Some guests will presume that you will be serving a larger meal, since this is getting close to the dinner hour. Dream of cooking heartier dishes for a buffet style meal. Another great food that people can quickly eat while standing and talking to visitors is baked chicken fingers or chicken sate with a peanut dipping sauce or meatballs, and miniature sausages. For a trendy entrée that is sure to be a hit with the younger crowd, serve miniature gourmet pizzas. From cheese and pepperoni to spinach and feta, you can also have a range of toppings.

Desserts and drinks

The a la carte menu of the best restaurant in Singapore offers a delightful final course to choose from.

Because it is a baby shower, alcoholic drinks would not be a big concern. Mimosas or a light wine can be served at brunch and mid-day showers. Fruit punches made of fresh fruit juice or concentrate combined with unflavored sodas or lime-flavored sodas are common beverages served at baby showers. It’s nice to have a range of beverages, so be sure to bring your guests teas, coffee, water, and soft drinks. Choose your booze from the menu of private party venues in Singapore.

Then you should think of a few fun games for guests to play as part of the entertainment after you have your baby shower menu set out and ready to go. Your visitors will not only be pleased about what they ate, but they will always remember how much fun they had in the shower.

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