Indulge your palates at CALI with the delights of modern Southwestern cuisine. A series of dishes presenting fresh, vivid, and bold tasting flavours to tickle your taste buds. The natural herbs and spices in our recipes bring out the best in every dish prepared.
Established in 1997 under NJ Group, CALI brings forth an environment of fine decor with every detail carefully curated to create a place where you can genuinely enjoy fresh and delicious Southwestern cuisine with good company.
Aside from being a purveyor of fine cuisine, NJ Group strongly believes in contributing back to society and building stronger communities. All of the affiliated restaurants support charities, non-profit organisations, and local volunteering groups. We strive every day to be instrumental in change by making genuine efforts to make a difference in others’ quality of life – one bite at a time.
The Unique Customer Experience “My Place” concept can be felt in every restaurant of NJ Group. “My Place” is an experience which lets you feel that the restaurant is somewhere you can return to, feel understood and be at ease. A place where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to celebrate their unique individuality.
At any NJ Group restaurant, a new experience can be created to cater to anyone’s unique needs.

We show our customers the essence of “My Place” through…

Our Promise

Taste the world within the comfort of ‘My Place’

Our Impression

We are tastemakers of new global flavours, bringing together people of diverse cultures with our food. More than just an ordinary restaurant experience, this is a place that you can call your own, where you can experience relationships that will last beyond your visit.

Our Personality

We are bold and innovative, yet we do not forget to be genuine and humble in how we treat others.

Our Values

Creativity: Leading with creativity to adapt & improve the guest experience.

Authenticity: Being genuine & transparent in the way we relate to others.

Connectedness: Creating meaningful interactions & connections with people.

So how does The NJ Experience show in our Food & Service?

Celebrating diversity in our food and creating a sense of belonging in our people are what makes us unique! We have deeply ingrained these in our food and service culture.
CALI not only feels a great sense of responsibility and compassion towards the people but to the environment as well. This world that we live in has an abundance of natural beauty and it is in our hearts to do what we can to protect the environment starting with the materials which restaurants dispose of most frequently.
With that said, we are moving our restaurants towards an environmentally friendly direction! Making step by step improvements, you would notice our menus and all disposable items in CALI are made from environmental-friendly recyclable materials! Starting with Bio-degradable Paper Straws, Serviettes and Coasters. CALI plans to use “greener” alternatives for take away boxes and utensils, we look into what’s good for the environment without compromising the quality and dining experience of our guests! Adding in the “FUN” factor in customer engagement, our new drink menus are creatively designed to fold into a neat pocket tie for you to keep!
Every customer of CALI is as important as any other customer before. No matter where you are from, CALI is determined to deliver great food and a memorable dining experience to remember. With an ever-longing desire to improve ourselves, CALI listens to reviews, comments, and compliments. Using our customers feedback to continuously improve and impress.
At CALI, we desire to give you an authentic culinary and the firm belief that great food comes from great ingredients. To create a culinary journey that is truly unique, we dedicate only to use fresh, healthy, and natural ingredients in our dishes – giving you every sensation into the world of Southwestern cuisine on your spoon.
The House Special Spices make our dishes stand out. It consists of five different types of salsa freshly prepared each day at CALI. Another definite course to order is our Jalapeño Poppers with Tostadas, crafted with a combination of four kinds of cheese and seasoned to perfection with special herbs.
If you are a meat-lover, definitely try our Fajitas made with mouth-watering marinated juicy meat. Otherwise, take a pick at our USDA Special Prime Ribeye. Fun fact – only 5-6% of all beef are classified as USDA Prime!
End your meal with our Molten Lava Luxurious Bomb. Chocolate lover or not, you will find yourself enjoying this dessert as it strikes a balance with elements of chocolate cake, topped with summer berries compote and vanilla ice-cream. What is a meal without dessert?
Have we mentioned that CALI is the first restaurant in Singapore to incorporate waiter robots in our service? This is no restaurant marketing gimmick to catch the media’s attention!
CALI has a strong focus on making use of the many benefits technology has to tackle issues many restaurants face in the industry. During periods when manpower becomes an issue for businesses to operate, Waiter robots are a great substitute that makes up for the lack of service staff. Although technology cannot replace the “human touch” element in service, these helpful robots bring a consistent level of service, speed and hygiene to the restaurant.
Discover a unique dining experience at CALI, where our creative menu lets you savor only the most nuanced flavors Southwestern cuisine has to offer.