6 Things to Consider while Choosing Corporate Meeting Venues Singapore

6 Things to consider while choosing corporate meeting venues Singapore

Organizing a meeting calls for a lot of preparation. And the preparation starts with finding the right location that not only meets your corporate needs but also plays a major role in your event’s success. So if you’re organizing a small business event or the annual meeting of your company when it comes to shortlisting corporate event venues in Singapore, you’ll find endless choices.

For the success of the event or the meeting, the location you select is extremely important. In choosing a location for your next meeting, workshop, or corporate training, here are 6 things to remember.

Locus, accessibility, and parking

You may want a location near the airport, train, or central transportation if your meeting or event delegates are commuting from out of town. Find out if parking is provided, what any additional costs may be, or if it is possible to arrange alternative transportation. If there is no on-site parking, consider reserving nearby parking for participants or booking transportation such as a shuttle bus, Uber, or taxis. Find a location near your workplace for civic meetings or activities to promote attendance.


Considering the number of people attending your meeting, you need to select a venue. It’s not meant to be too big or too small to fit into anything. Find the additional approximate headcount to be on the better side when finalizing the venue. You need to have a prepared guest list for this. njfoods can accommodate groups of up to 120 guests at Relish and 60-80 guests at Cali for a sit-down, tapa, wine tasting, or buffet events.

Experience of hosting corporate meetings and events

Is the location usually used for conferences or is it the first time a conference has been organized over there? In knowing whether or not they have the staff to handle the conference specifications, this question would be beneficial. First-timers won’t necessarily be risky, but even though they have professional workers, you can expect small mistakes from them. So, make sure that the venue has the expertise to plan corporate events.

Technology and Equipment

Is the venue fitted with the technology you’d like for the conference? You wouldn’t want a significant speaker in the middle of his speech or presentation to be interrupted by a non-functional microphone or audiovisual setup. Check if their speakers are loud enough for the last person sitting in the room to be audible. During a meeting, good quality equipment can ensure an uninterrupted flow. High-speed wifi these days is the secret to planning every kind of event. Therefore choose conference locations that have technical infrastructure and assistance, such as mobile charging stations, etc.


Everyone wants a delicious meal after a long session to replenish their energy and excitement to keep functioning for the day. Check out the options that the venue offers. Ask if special guest requests such as gluten-free and vegan food options can be entertained. Be sure to arrange a caterer that will preserve the mood of the whole meeting.


Comparing the prices of the venues that provide you with similar facilities is the best way to assess a good value for the price. If the position you want to finalize is slightly expensive, reason it then and you can happily finalize it after having a satisfactory response.

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