Month: March 2021

Best Restaurant to Celebrate Birthday in Singapore – A unique way to celebrate your birthday and make it a memorable one

Life is completely unpredictable. But we humans are blessed to plan our time, days and life according to our wish. So shouldn’t we prioritize our enjoyment as much as we prioritize our work. Our life is a series of events and incidents. As soon as we end up with one phenomena or goal there is another objective ready to correspond to. But these achievements or accomplishments in life find no end. Sometimes we should really pause and take time out for our self and our near and dear ones. Occasions and enjoyments are something that give us a chance to celebrate our biggest entity as humans- our life. Infact we should make an effort to celebrate progress and milestones. Even for those who are striving hard to achieve something for long and are unable to accomplish, there is one most important occasion that comes every year in our life and gives us a chance to reflect over our journey till present. If we seriously ponder over we would realize that every birthday would otherwise depress us thinking that we lost another year of existence on earth. So such negative feelings need to be suppressed so that we appreciate and acknowledge [...]
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